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1st September 2011

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I got my stamp

Stamps are expensive. Fuck stamps.

Anyway, I have no idea what to write in a letter to Colton. In my 8 letters to Adam, I spoke of what a great role model he is, how much I love his music, how much I love him in general and always will. But Colton is a new guy and I don’t know what to write. The stuff I WANT to write (Colton I saw your sex scene can we have more of those? Colton you look good in Hugo Boss but you would look better without clothing. Colton I love your eyebrows. Colton ALWAYS BE NAKED.) is probably not appropriate to send. Nor that just his name conjures up images of powerful stallions running free across a wide open plain.

I could say what a fantastic actor he is, which is insanely true, and he’s lucky that he didn’t get cast as Edward. Yes, it would have catapulted him to A-List stardom but he would always be “that sparkly vampire” AND THAT IS PRETTY DAMN AWFUL, OKAY.

Fffff. I want his autograph. I bet it looks awesome

I don’t know what to type still. Wah. 

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